The Development of Soil Nailing Wall Supporting

Soil nailing wall supporting is a new type of retaining structure for the excavation and slope stability in recent years developed. The technology is from the 1970s, nearly 30 years’ history. The first application of soil nail wall supporting in the engineering was in France,1972. The first application in the USA was in 1974 and Germany in 1979 firstly built a permanent soil nailing works. The earliest application in China was probably in the slope stability engineering of Liuwan Mine, Shanxi province in 1980. Compared with foreign countries, China’s development in the soil nail wall supporting technology also has some unique achievement, mainly in the following aspects:

1.Soil nail wall combines with waterproof curtain, which emerges a kind of water-stopping soil nail wall.

2. It develops a type of soil nails into the grouting for the hole, difficult to hole in sand and soft soil layer.

3. It develops the technique of combining soil nail wall with prestressed anchor, namely self drilling anchor bolt.

4. Fore reinforcement is developed for the poor excavation of the soil and short self-stabilization.

5.It exploits the simple, economical construction method of Metis® self drilling anchor bolt.

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