Soil Nailing is an Effective Supporting Method


Soil Nailing is a construction method used to maintain or enhance the stability of the soil or rock mass by installing reinforcing elements (nails) in accordance to the principles for the execution of the geotechnical works. Nailing (sometimes combined with other elements like shot create, drainage system, retaining walls, etc.) forms a retaining structure of reinforced soil mass which nails are predominantly subjected to tensile stress. In addition, they might be also subjected to bending the shear stresses.

The nail systems can be used as:

  • Temporary nail: Nail with a working life of up to 2 years
  • Permanent nail: Nail with a working life of up to 50 years depending on the ground conditions and with sacrificial corrosion for the time-dependent corrosion behavior.



The area of applications for the above nail types in accordance with prEN 14490 are:

  • Slope stabilization for vertical and inclined use
  • Underground primary support for tunnel construction, radial ground reinforcement and face stabilization