The Construction of Metro Line 4 in Rio De Janeiro

The Construction of Metro Line 4 in Rio De Janeiro

On November 10, Rousseff, the present of Brazil, inspected the construction of Metro Line 4 in Rio De Janeiro with the company of Governor and Mayor.

During the inspection, Rousseff expressed that the 2016 Olympics and Paralympic Games are very important for Brazil, which will show Brazil to the world. These constructions will change the city portrait of Brazil and they will become the heritages of Olympics.

Metro Line 4 in Rio De Janeiro is a quite important transport line, which links the core areas of Olympics in Southwest with coastal recreational areas in Southeast. At moment, 83 percent has been finished and it predicted to be completed totally at the first quarter of 2016.

To meet the demand of 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, China helped Brazil to expand the metro network and provided metro trains. Metro Line 4 in Rio De Janeiro is a project made in China. This metro adopts A-shape and stainless steel materials, it is designed 100 kilometers per hour and the largest passenger capacity is about 2240.

From the technical level, Rio De Janeiro has many differences, so the metro train needs to be designed according to its characteristics. It is high temperature during the whole year, so special air conditions need to be installed. And to provide safety guarantee for passengers, doors and windows of metro train has installed explosion-proof glass.

From the security level, workers mainly adopt anchor bolt method, which bonds railway tightly with foundation. Detection and maintenance are carried frequently.

At moment, there are totally 64 trains operating in Rio De Janeiro, it can carry 680 thousand people every day and reach 12,000 kilometers every month. Brazil has full of confidence and expectation for Chinese construction.

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