Sydney’s New Metro Railway

Sydney’s new metro railway will run through two purpose designed and built tunnels. A number of factors determine the tunnel route and alignment. These include:

1. The location, depth and structure of the stations
2. Vertical track grade
3. Rock conditions
4. Track curvature, to allow train speeds of up to 100 kilometers an hour
5. The physical constraints of the route, including crossing under Sydney Harbor.

Stage 1: Sydney Metro Northwest

Tunneling finished in January 2016 on Australia’s longest railway tunnels–twin 15 kilometer tunnels from Bella Vista to Epping as part of Stage 1 of Sydney Metro.

Stage 2: Sydney Metro City & Southwest

Tunneling will start in 2018 on the twin tunnels for Stage 2, from Chatswood to Sydenham, including under Sydney Harbor and through the central business district (CBD).

Self drilling anchor bar used in tunneling can improve the stability and load bearing characteristics of rock mass. Under the circumstance of weak and broken rocks, self drilling anchor bar technology is an ideal anchoring system for supporting to prevent tunnel collapse, rock deformation, and ensure construction quality and the safety of workers. Metis self drilling anchor bar has been widely used in numerous metro railway projects. Due to the reliable products and strict quality control, Metis has won a general recognition of our tunneling industry clients.

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