Kuala Lumpur LRT3 Civil Works to Begin in 2017

Malaysia officially launched the Kuala Lumpur LRT3 metro construction project on August 24 at Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam.

The mostly elevated 37.7 km LRT3 line would connect the Bandar Utama and Johan Setia districts in the west of the city. One of the 26 stations would be underground, and five would be interchanges with existing or planned lines. Design capacity is 36 720 passengers/h per direction, and a fleet of six-car trainsets is envisaged, running at peak headways of 2 min using CBTC.

Work is due to begin in early 2017 and is expected to be completed by August 31, 2020.

Soil nail wall provides a cost effective and efficient solution to slope stability and earth retention problems in the tunnel portal reinforcement of metro projects. Its construction process is faster than other similar methods. Metis has rich experience in providing soil nail wall solutions for slope reinforcement, foundation pit support, tunnel portal reinforcement, soil radial reinforcement, railway embankment and road widening, etc.

Soil nail wall has the following advantages:

1. Able to follow irregular curves;
2. Portability for tight spaces;
3. Flexible, easily modified techniques;
4. Installation of soil nail walls is fast and cost-effective;
5. Less noise and traffic obstructions;
6. Minimal impact on nearby properties;
7. Minimum shoring space required.

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